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More than 200,000 students in public and private schools around the world are practising the Transcendental Meditation technique as part of school-supported Quiet Time programs.

Transcendental Meditation for children and teenagers reduces stress for improved health, increased intelligence, and happiness. Anxiety and depression are reduced and thinking becomes more balanced, positive, and progressive.

Transcendental Meditation is easy to learn and enjoyable to practise, requiring no effort, concentration or special skills. Young people enjoy growing in greater balance, focus and harmony. Any child can learn it—including children from the age of 5 years.

Every child faces stressful situations from time to time – fears, conflicts, anger, frustration, anxiety and depression. It’s all part of growing up. No matter what age, our children look to us, as parents, for guidance and advice. Yet, we don’t always have the answers. What we can be certain of though, is that we want the best for our children.

Transcendental Meditation for children is a simple and natural technique that increases happiness, self-esteem, calmness and creativity. It also provides children and teenagers with a means to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Children say they feel more settled and find it is easier to focus in school. Parents say it helps their children to better understand themselves, as a result of which they are able to deal with their emotions and get along more harmoniously with their family, friends, siblings and teachers.

Setting aside some time each day to experience deep relaxation is vital for every youngster’s wellbeing of mind and body. Not only will Transcendental Meditation help improve their overall development as they grow, it will give them the capability to manage stress and stressful situations, which in the long term will keep them physically healthy and prepare them for adult life.

Transcendental Meditation improves life and reduces stress in children and teenagers

Transcendental Meditation is a natural process that allows the mind and body to settle down to experience a unique state of deep rest—different from sleep, drowsiness, or ordinary relaxation – in which the body is deeply rested and the mind is fully alert. Extensive scientific research has shown that this special type of rest reduces the effects of stress and prevents stress from accumulating over time.

Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation provides help for children of all ages:

• more happiness (decreases depression)
• less stress
• calmer emotions and sense of being more in control
• more patience in dealings with others
• less anxious when revising and taking exams
• enhanced creativity and imagination
• improved brain functioning
• improved memory, better concentration and greater ability to learn
• greater maturity, self-esteem and self-confidence
• improved sleep
• improved health and well-being
• improved mind-body coordination
• less tendency towards smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse