Business Success

Leaders who already perform at high levels of personal effectiveness and productivity are under constant pressure to outperform—to elevate their decision-making, planning, judgment, creativity, innovation, health, and fitness to even higher levels. The most practical and effective tool to achieve all these benefits is the twice-daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation program, which reduces harmful stress, improves cardiovascular health, enhances creativity, and develops the total brain.

“The Transcendental Meditation technique has been ideally suited to my hectic life. It has demonstrably reduced my stress and helped to maintain my good health, and has immeasurably benefited my family and business relationships. Importantly, it has helped me to make clearer, more effective decisions on the job—and has reinforced my integrity in my dealings with all my stakeholders. I encourage you to look more closely into this highly effective technique—and to take up the practice.”—Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of The Hartford Financial Services Group in Hartford, Connecticut.
Mr. Ayer has been practicing the TM technique for 35 years.